Hypnotizing gyroscopes, mesmerizing vapor-liquid equilibrium demonstrators, and intricate cipher wheels are just the tip of the enlightening iceberg. Vsauce explains every item so you’ll fully understand the physics, math, and science behind the toys while you explore their surprising and extraordinary properties.


Whether you’re exploring new worlds, uncovering the secrets of our universe, or visualizing scientific phenomena, every exclusive Curiosity Box t-shirt is guaranteed to be unlike any other lightweight cotton-based garment you’ve ever worn. Each design is personally conceptualized by Michael, Kevin, and Jake to spark your imagination and shock your synapses… all while looking awesome.

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Sand that rejects water, spheres that grow with water!? The Curiosity Box packs a brainwave punch by providing hands-on, extraordinary experiments. The variety of awesome offerings range from glow-in-the-dark crystals and a do-it-yourself robot to cracking open your very own geode and more.


Jack into a digital world of discovery by downloading Curiosity Box brain games. With exclusive Steam codes, you can download premium video games that entertain your noggin while exercising your gray matter. You'll be designing and test-flying airplanes, jumping through wormholes, and creating galaxies faster than you can say, "Just one more nebula before bed!"



How difficult is it to actually send a human to Mars? Why is glass transparent? What does a seed look like under intense magnification? Every Curiosity Box comes with an Official Curiosity Box selected book letting you know that it is one we love and want to share with you. Some of the books are ones we’ve used for research in episodes, others are just too curious to put down.

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Rudolf II’s alchemists filled cabinets with curiosities from around the world in the hopes of discovering the Philosopher’s Stone. While we can’t ship mythic substances (customs would have a fit!), we can launch your meticulously-curated collection. Prized treasures like a Voyager Golden Record pin, solar system to scale stickers, and custom Inq gear will broadcast your curiosity like a beacon of brilliance.


Michael, Jake, and Kevin personally write Curiosity Quarterly to give detailed explanations of all items in the Curiosity Box. The magazine includes exclusive columns from each creator and it even features members of the Curious Community. Think of this magazine as your treasure map to all things Curiosity Box. Walk the plank with each page, discover awesome YouTubers and amazing artists, and dive into the deep end of the knowledge pool!


Nothing pushes the limits of your brainpower and hones your cerebral talents like an engaging puzzle. Every box includes a head-scratching, noodle-twisting puzzle that draws on your knowledge of logic and the world around you. You’ll savor the challenge as you uncover solutions yourself and then revel in watching others wrinkle their foreheads in determined delight.