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Curiosity Box

Inq Inaugural Pin

Inq Inaugural Pin

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Hi! I’m INQ, which is short for Inquisitive. Lucky for me since I’m pretty short and Inquisitive already! You’re probably wondering how I ended up in the Curiosity Box. Well, I happen to have the curious distinction of being the smartest octopus in the whole ocean! I’ve seen and studied it all! I’ve been down to the depths of the Mariana Trench and wandered the shallows of every reef. But recently I’ve been curious about you odd land dwellers. So, true to my name, I set out to explore every dry inch of this earth. Being as small as I am, this would have taken forever if I hadn’t discovered VSAUCE. These guys are GREAT! I’ve learned so much from them already! Now they’re kind enough to include me in Curiosity Quarterly so I can travel the world learning all about everything it has to oer. So please, take me with you! I want to see everything! Let’s go exploring and thanks for being so curious!

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