Best of Box Edition

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Gyroscope - Feel the surprising effects of angular momentum right in the palm of your hand! This classic metal gyroscope is SPINcredible.

The Elements - Elements exist in everything around us, but we rarely get to see them up close and personal. Theodore Gray and Nick Mann present brilliant and surprising photographs of all 118 elements to showcase the hidden beauty in our universe as they detail each atom’s properties and significance in our world.

Wireframe Inq Pin - In 1987, the Amiga 500 -- the first widely available multimedia personal computer -- slowly churned out 3D graphics with a 16-bit processor and 256kb of RAM. Now, Inq has rendered into your space with every curious detail mapped out in a striking blue three-dimensional wireframe that won't cause your cranial hard drive to crash!

Inq's Cipher Wheel - Inq has invented a special device that both encrypts and decrypts... and now you’re in on the secret, too. Inq’s Cipher Wheel has 5 concentric discs that allow you to translate code meant only for the Curiosity Box community.

Steam Game - Look up into the sky -- you’re now in control of it all! Command gravity, climate, collisions, and material interactions in the Universe Sandbox2 physics-based simulator as you discover the complex order and the stunning fragility of our universe. You will build and you will destroy, but most importantly, you will imagine.

Inq's Scale Solar System Wall Decal Set - How big is Jupiter compared to Mars? Can all of the planets fit between Earth and the Moon? Inq’s Scale Solar System Wall Decal Set will help you visualize the answers to those questions and many more! Inq designed this wall decal set perfectly to scale so you can visualize the answers to those questions and thousands more that orbit your cerebral cosmos.

Voyager 1 T-Shirt - Coming to a star system near you, Voyager 1 is currently on a Galactic Tour spreading the message of diversity of life and culture on Earth. Its golden record contains pieces of the story of our world, instructions on how to read it, and a map to find us! After all these decades, its journey continues...

Inq's Super Absorbent Polymer Spheres - These special spheres aren’t just beads -- they’re amazingly-absorbent globules of fascination! Place some in a cup and then fill it with water… within hours, they’ll absorb 200-300 times their weight in water and become nearly 99.9% H₂O!

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Notify me when Best of Box Edition is available!