Everything Inside The Summer Curiosity Box

Everything Inside The Summer Curiosity Box

Summer Curiosity Box

The curious community looks forward to a new collection of curiosities to spark their inquiring minds each season. This summer, members will be delighted with a cylindrical mirror that can transform shapes before their eyes, find wonder in even the smallest things with a 40x magnifing lens, and answer some of life's hardest questions with Inq's Astronaut Magic 8 Ball. If you're already a member and don't want to ruin the surprise, stop reading now! If you wish you were a member, make sure to get your own summer Curiosity Box

Inq's Magic 8 Ball Summer Curiosity Box

A Curiosity Box exclusive! You may start to believe that our fates are in the stars with Inq's unique take on the classic magic 8 ball.  

 Inq's Cuttrick and Symmetric Puzzles Summer Curiosity Box

These fiendish Finnish puzzles will engage you with their deceptive simplicity. Each one challenges you to arrange two pieces to make shapes that are symmetrical in specific ways. 

 Anamorphic Mirror and Poster Kit Summer Curiosity Box

The laws of the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection describe how light acts when bounced off a mirrored surface. In this case, they govern how a cylindrical mirror can transform the image on your poster into something completely different. It's all about bending your perception of what's possible–and bending light, of course. 

Inq's Magnifier Summer Curiosity Box  

Poet Theodore Roethke wrote, "all finite things reveal infinitude." Inq's precision illuminated optical instrument magnifies the world around you by 40x, helping you find wonder in even the smallest of places. 

 Summer Curiosity Box T-Shirt

It's VSAUCE–80's style! This gnarly t-shirt is perfect for laid-back days and neon nights. 

 Cut In Half Book Summer Curiosity Box

This Curiosity Box exclusive edition includes an additional chapter where author Mike Warren answers some of our curious questions. What do we learn from cutting objects in half? Why do the steel parts he's sliced oxidize at a much higher rate than you would expect? Only box subscribers will know! 

 Summer Curiosity Box Steam Game

Engare is a beautiful game featuring the differential geometry of curves, a branch of mathematics that looks at curves based on parametric equations. Inspired by Islamic art, Engare has two modes–a puzzle sequence and a free-drawing spirograph mode–showcasing the wonders of mathematics and design. 

 Artist Spotlight Summer Curiosity Box

Flavio Montiel is a Brazilian illustrator and concept artist who's work features cyborgs and other sci-fi themes. 

 Summer Curiosity Box Creator Spotlight Sticker

Our creator spotlight sticker features Dominic Walliman, a physicist and expert on quantum computing whose channel Domain of Science features visual interpretations of scientific fields and concepts. He is also the author of the amazing Professor Astro Cat science book series for children (and fun adults). 


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