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Our Story

The Curiosity Box by Vsauce

Michael Stevens created Vsauce to share his boundless curiosity with the world, and then tapped the talents of Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper to help him inspire over 20 million subscribers and amaze 2.5 billion video viewers.

Vsauce has become the most popular science education network on YouTube as it energizes a community of Earth’s most inquisitive minds with videos spanning science, math, and the human experience -- and now that passion for curiosity is being pulled off the screen and into your hands.

The Curiosity Box delivers the cerebral fascination of Vsauce right to your door through engaging science toys, surprising puzzles, and books that expand our understanding of the universe. Michael, Jake, and Kevin work together to create, design, and handpick each illuminating item in The Curiosity Box, including constructive kits, brain games, and imaginative custom shirts. Every quarterly delivery will turn your home into a laboratory of wonder.

As part of our mission to boost brain health, a portion of the proceeds from each Curiosity Box is donated to aid Alzheimer’s Research. Your Curiosity Box subscriptions have led to over $100k raised in the fight to cure Alzheimer’s in our lifetime… and we’re just getting started.

Thanks for joining the Curious Community on our journey to explore our world, celebrate the amazing, and support brains for the future of our pale blue dot and beyond.

And as always, thanks for subscribing!

-Michael, Kevin, and Jake (and Inq)