Spoiler Alert! Everything Inside The Spring Curiosity Box

Spoiler Alert! Everything Inside The Spring Curiosity Box

Inside The Spring Curiosity Box

Michael, Jake and Kevin carefully curate every box to share their passion for inquiry and self-reflection in a more hands-on way with our curious community. Choosing a mix of viral physics toys, custom puzzles, and intelligent showpieces, they hope to entertain science aficionados and amateurs alike. If you'd rather keep these curiosities a surprise, then stop reading now. But if you're ready to start thinking, take a look inside the Spring Curiosity Box


Curiosity Box Science Toys - drinking bird

This spiffy guy is doesn't just sit there and look cute, he's actually a working model of a heat engine. Not sure what that means? Don't worry broke it down for you here because apparently even Einstein couldn't figure out how it worked after studying an earlier version for 3 1/2 months! 


Curiosity Box Brain Busting Puzzle - Calibron 12

The object here is to get all of these pieces into one rectangular shape, but don't get ahead of yourself, it's not as easy as it seems. Michael already revealed in his latest D!NG video that this is the only puzzle he owns that he hasn't been able to solve yet! Plus, he'll explain the 3 additional solutions we were able to include in this brain busting puzzle. 


Curiosity Box–Science T-shirt

Our super soft cotton T-shirts always feature designs straight out of Michael, Jake, and Kevin's heads, so naturally they meet somewhere between geeky chic and out of this world creative. This time, Inq makes his home in an abandoned astronaut's helmet lost at sea. 


Curiosity Box - Downloadable brain game

This code gives you a free download for an addicting game you can play right on your computer. If that's not your thing, don't lose it in the junk drawer. If there's an item that doesn't pique your curiosity, send it off to someone who will take full advantage. Each item in the Curiosity Box makes a great gift for the science lover in your life either–or you can gift them a whole box! 


Curiosity Box Intellectual Books - The Science of Cooking

Whether you need need a temperature guide for how to perfectly cook your steaks–plus a chef's tips for how to tell when it's done just by touch–or just find chemical and physical reactions fascinating, The Science of Cooking has something for everyone. 


Curiosity Box - Stress Ball

The stress relief here is three fold: the immediate sense of calm from Inq's gentle presence, the energy release from repeatedly squeezing this squish, and finally the option to hide him somewhere really good and send your kids (or grandkids, nieces, younger siblings, cousins-you get the idea) and send them on a long journey to find it. 


Curiosity Box Artist Spotlight

Take a walk through the mathematical forest, and find square roots, cube roots, trigonometric waves, and logarithms inspired by Toby Hendy's youtube series The Joy of Mathematics in which she explores mathematical concepts in the style of legendary painter Bob Ross. 

Daniele Turturici is an illustrator and comic artist from Italy who creates imaginary worlds through drawing. His main influences come from sci-fi and fantasy, and this illustration is a perfect example!

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