Inside The Fall Box

Inside The Fall Box

Fall Curiosity Box

Each season, the Curiosity Box founders put their brains together to bring our members a mind-tingling mix of viral physics toys, custom puzzles and intelligent showpieces designed to feed your brain. We spend over a year researching and developing our exclusive pieces, adding in thoughtful new elements to reimagine science and math classics. If you're ready to see all the brain boosting activities we packed into the fall box, then keep reading. But if you prefer a surprise, subscribe today and we'll ship it all right to your door!

No drivers license required for this car powered by a star! The build-it-yourself solar powered car kit will keep your hands and brain busy. Once you build it and get a hang of the steering, then you can dive into the science of solar power in our monthly newsletter.

Get your best ideas down on paper with everyone's favorite graphite-filled writing utensil: the pencil! But these pencils aren't just for writing, you can measure with them too – in inches and centimeters, of course! We even included a sharpener modeled after INQ's tentacles to keep them just as sharp as your mind.

Ever wish you had an extra set of hands... how about 8? Octopuses are known for being some of the most curious creatures on the planet, so who better to keep your desk tidy than a ceramic bust of our lovable mascot, Inq?

We decided to make this T-shirt as useful as possible, with all the information you’re likely to need and the precision you require. If people are staring, it's because you already got all the information they need to know – like the gravitational constant and the speed of light in a vacuum!

Curiosity Box Fall 2020 Book

Reading is an essential part of exploring your curiosity, that's why we include a book in every box. 50 visionary artists, thinkers, activists, and entertainers contributed to this illustrated hardcover explaining how the use of observation and inquiry can change how you see the world.

Curiosity Box Fall 2020 Steam Game

Explore your imagination with this downloadable brain game where you'll design, build, and operate a functioning mechanical creation of your own. The open-ended format lets you build endless creations for hours of entertainment!

Curiosity Box Fall 2020 Puzzle

This classic puzzle sounds easy at first: just get the cylindrical center piece out of the wooden block, easy! Except, you can't use your hands... now what? Well, you'll have to use your brain – it's an exercise in lateral thinking.

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