THE INQ REPORT: Get Ready For The Gut Computer

Have you ever heard that you should "listen to your gut" or "let your gut decide"?  Well, one day you'll really be able to, based on this pioneering new experiment. You may have heard of the DNA computer, where binary information is ensconced into DNA proteins. This is a revolutionary new approach using different biological molecules: metabolites, which are a series of small molecules that are part of the process of metabolism.

In this case, a group of researchers at Brown University were able to encode images, as binary data, into a mixture of metabolites that include galactose (a sugar with an awesome name) and tryptophan, the infamous molecule that according to urban legend (but not fact) makes you feel tired after eating that Thanksgiving turkey. This study was just a proof-of-principle: they wanted to see if it could be done. And good news–it can. So far they've been able to upload images of around 13kb into the metabolites, but once that scaled up, you know what means...get ready for the GUT COMPUTER!  If you're interested in reading more, you can find the full study here